In God, we trust….do we really?

A hiker climbs a flight of stone-stairs at Yosemite National Park, California (2018)

God is about the only one we trust. Barely.

It has always been “vox populi”, folks! Without trust, there is no relationship, no friendship, no partnership and no true companionship ! No need to possess the brain of a genius to arrive at that conclusion. And yet, here in West, many of us continue to believe this delusion of the self made, untrusting super-achiever, as if society as a whole, schools, churches, family and friends don’t have any input in the success of individuals.

Westerners have managed to elude this reality and we have invented a number of excuses to weaken trust. We have subjected trust to so many conditions, that it is almost impossible for it to exist. We say things such as “building trust is a slow process, it requires years and years”. Or “trust should be wiped out, as soon as the person we trust betrays us”. Or even “if I don’t clearly understand all the motives of such person, how can I trust her?”.

The result: we live in a world where distrust and fear run amok. We distrust our politicians, we distrust our bosses, we distrust our spouses and we distrust our neighbors. Paranoia describes our actions and is at the root of our deepest terrors. The modern human lives in trepidation, in a pervasive suspiciousness of others, constantly expecting a stab in the back that seldom happens.

If this is truly the pinnacle of our civilization, I dare to say we have not done too well.

Not advocating, of course, for the unconditional surrender of our untrusting feelings. Let’s avoid naivety too and let’s look into the spirit of trust itself. The only one condition required for veritable trust to exist: it needs to be a two-way street, trust has go both ways. I trust you AND, at the same time, you trust me. In reality, true trust is mutual trust. Right there is where we draw the line *

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